1. DO douse your headlights because they can spoil other folk’s night vision.

DON’T douse a tire in gasoline because “It gets nippy way up here”

2. DO keep a watchful eye on any children you may bring along.

DON’T give your children popcicles and send them over to help your neighbour set his scope up because you need to concentrate on your imaging..

3. DO offer to share your eyepieces with another observer in the hopes he will share his with you.
DON’T offer to share your wife with another observer in the hopes he will share his with you.

4. ALWAYS pick up any trash you leave lying about.
NEVER pick up any equipment your neighbour leaves lying about.

5. If you like to listen to music, avoid disturbing others by wearing headphones.
If you like to listen to music while wearing headphones, avoid disturbing others by not belting out the tunes while thrashing an air guitar.

6. Softly playing a recording of classical music is acceptable if fellow observers agree to it.
However, covertly playing a recording of a screaming mountain lion periodically is considered bad form.

7. Avoid telling stories that start out with “It was a night just like this that the LAST group was slaughtered.”

8. Don’t suggest using laser finders for “a couple friendly rounds of laser tag”.

9. Giving helpful hints to newbies is considered a friendly gesture. Giving wedgies to them is not.

10. There is a little red box next to the microwave. Please leave a donation to help pay for the electric bill, toilet paper, food, etc.